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Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo

A trip to the zoo is usually enjoyable and educational, especially for students. It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about ecology and biology, as well as instill in them a deep regard for all living animals, large and tiny.

This is why many schools organize zoo field excursions. That being said, if you’re a teacher, parent, or guardian searching for a thorough reference of Canada’s greatest zoo, Toronto ZOO you’ve come to the perfect spot.


Brief Overview Of Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is the biggest zoo in Canada, spanning 287 hectares. 

Discover the delights of the Toronto Zoo, the world’s largest zoo with 5,000 animals representing 450 species. It is divided into seven zoo-geographical areas and exhibits creatures from several continents in their natural habitats. Immerse yourself in the diverse fauna, which includes anything from naked mole rats and turtles to lions, tigers, and kangaroos.

The zoo offers a variety of activities, events, and programs in addition to animal exhibits. Witness enthralling performances, informative activities, and unique events that will enhance your visit. The Toronto Zoo promises an exciting and instructive experience for both adults and children.


While admission tickets cover admission to the zoo, extra attractions may need additional expenses. Explore the animal realm, participate in educational activities, and make memorable memories at the Toronto Zoo.

Toronto Zoo


2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto,
ON M1B 5K7, Canada

Monday-Sunday (9:30 AM-4:30 PM)
+1 416-392-5900


Peak Season


Child (Ages 3-12) – $18.30

Adult (Ages 13-64) – $27.99

Senior (65 onwards) – $23.15


Non-peak Season


Child (Ages 3-12) – $13.50

Adult (Ages 13-64) – $22.20

Senior (65 onwards) – $17.35


Beyond the captivating animal exhibits, the Toronto Zoo offers a spectrum of attractions, events, and programs to enrich your visit. Engage in immersive shows that provide insights into the animal kingdom’s wonders and behaviors. Educational programs cater to both children and adults, offering valuable insights into wildlife conservation and biology.

For an extra dose of excitement, the zoo hosts special events throughout the year, providing unique and memorable experiences. From seasonal festivities to exclusive animal encounters, there’s always something new to discover at the Toronto Zoo.

Refer To This Table For Other Activitities


Trip around the zoo on the Zoomobile with engaging commentary



NOTE: Kids ages 5 and under, or 36″ and under must ride with an adult 

Maximum weight capacity of each animal is 250lbs


Showcase of local and international plants arranged biogeographically

FREE with admission

Tundra Air Ride 

You’ll fly over Tundra trek at 48 km/hr. The ride seats 1 or 2 people. 


Splash island

Splash pad with waterslides, waterfalls, water-spouting animals, and tipping buckets

FREE with admission

Serengeti Bush

Overnight experience


Youth and School Groups (minimum of  20 participants): $75.22+ HST per person


Family/Adult Nights:
Ages 13 and up: $106.19+ HST per person
Ages 6 to 12: $97.35+ HST per person

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