The Benefits of Board Rooms

A board room is a place where the board of directors of an organization gathers to discuss business approaches as well as make crucial decisions and assist in formulating long-term plans. The board members, who are selected by the shareholders, have different responsibilities and can be considered as the executive body of a company. The meetings are typically private and confidential, with only a limited number of people present to ensure that the discussion is focused.

A well-thought-out agenda is an essential element of a productive meeting. Boards can improve their decision making abilities and effectively manage the operation of their companies by focusing on important issues and making sure they are covered in the time frame they have set.

In a traditional conference room you will find a large rectangular desk with eight to 20 chairs around it. The design and layout of a boardroom can communicate the company’s values. It can also convey a sense of efficiency and creativity through its interior design.

Our board rooms are equipped with the most modern technology to ensure your meeting will be a success. These include a conference-quality speaker system and projector, as well as the option for video conferencing to connect people across the globe. We also offer an online board book which simplifies meeting management by allowing you to save documents, organize them and share them using your laptop or mobile device.

You should consider one of our venues in New York City if you’re looking to host your next event in a contemporary and efficient boardroom. We have boardrooms which are stylish and sleek close to Grand Central Station, or more comfortable spaces in Brooklyn.


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