Why use Fireproofing?

Fireproofing protects that steel structure for a given period of time-or rating. Said differently, fireproofing is the protection added to the steel from high heat, conserving the strength and stability of the structure.

Stability of the structure is extremely critical as you, the occupant, need time to evacuate and the 1st responders need time to go in. Obviously, what’s at stake here are people’s lives. 

  • Keeps the structural steel below the critical temperature.
  • Keeps electrical circuits below critical point and makes them stay operational.
  • Adds containers to prevent boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion.
  • Avoids total structural damage
  • Prevents you, the owner from huge financial losses
  • Helps you with the insurance rates

Additional Information

There are different types of fireproofing applications available and our focus is mainly on cementitious and intumescent fireproofing. Fireproofing methods and building usually are rated in minutes, based on tests conducted. So, if you get a rate of 60 minutes for the fireproofing method means it should help maintain structural integrity for at least 60 minutes. Obviously, the higher the rating, the more time that buys for evacuation and for extinguishing the fire while limiting damage.

Actual building requirements vary based on the building’s intended use, location, and other factors.

Why choose us?

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