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Sound is the most important factor of a successful event. If your guests can’t hear your speech, that content that took you days to interpret it in an impressive way, or they are distracted by audio glitches – the game is over. One of the best ways to guarantee technically-sound audio is to work with a well-trained company in the latest technology.  At FUTURES PAST EVENTS we use audio-mapping to ensure speaker placement and quality guarantee that all attendees despite where they are located within the event will have similar sound experience. Each event requires a unique arrangement of audio equipment to create optimal sound.

Let’s be honest, most of you are planning your event to have your message heard and to have attendees connect with your mission, mandate or message. Audio isn’t somewhere to cut corners if you want to be heard. From speakers to mics to the sound technician, you should want and deserve the best.

At FUTURES PAST EVENTS, we are trained in only the best L’acoustics systems – best known for being innovative leaders in the industry and creating products that produce the highest quality, purest sound. These systems are used in most major theatres, convention centers, arenas, amusement parks and more as they are the most trusted audio vendor. We would be proud to bring this level of audio expertise to your event.

We also offer to our clients Yamaha Pro Audio equipment, the industry leader in sonic sound.

We support you through all steps

Any event that is executed has uncertainties and risks. After all, our goal is to approach perfection in an imperfect world: The power might go out, the devices can have issues, emergencies happen. That is why our expertise and support will be alongside you through every step of the event and our crew will be on-site the while time to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible. We take every precaution so that your plan is completed down to every detail.

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